How Can Physicians Catch Up for Retirement in a Hurry?

By Michael Donahoe, CFP®  After the uniquely stressful and challenging couple of years you’ve just experienced as a healthcare professional, a peaceful and relaxing retirement has likely never sounded better. But how confident are you that you will be able to retire comfortably? In the 2021 Retirement Confidence Survey conducted by the Employee Benefit Research […]

Help Addressing the Unique Planning Challenges Experienced by Physicians

By Michael Donahoe, CFP®  Although physicians generally earn high compensation, some do better than others when it comes to building wealth and financial security. I’ve had the opportunity to see this firsthand as a practicing financial planner who focuses on helping physicians and their families build toward financial independence. The following are some common concerns […]

How To Get The Most From Your MaineHealth Benefits

By Alan Eskandari, JD, CFP® MaineHealth is the largest healthcare organization serving the state of Maine, with a facility in New Hampshire. As a not-for-profit committed to delivering affordable care to the communities it serves, MaineHealth also offers an excellent benefits package to its employees. Here is a high-level overview of some of the potential […]

How We Help Physicians Manage Their Investments

By Michael Donahoe How do you feel about managing your investments? If you’re the kind of person that can make it through years of schooling and sleepless nights to become a physician, you likely have already started saving for retirement. You are responsible and conscientious and know that you won’t be able to work forever. […]

What Physicians Need To Know About Pension And Social Security

As a doctor, you work hard to save lives and make the world a better place. You’ve spent years dedicating and honing your craft. But long workdays and a complex financial situation means you often put retirement planning on the back burner as you deal with more pressing matters.  If you’re confused and overwhelmed by […]

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