Understanding the Costs & Benefits of Hiring a Financial Advisor

It seems like everywhere you turn, there are commercials, advertisements, and articles urging you to hire a financial advisor. They always talk about how important it is to plan for the future and maximize your returns, but few (if any) stop to talk about the costs of hiring a financial advisor. At Harvest Asset Group, […]

What Is a Fee-Only Financial Advisor & Why Does it Matter?

By Michael Donahoe You’ve decided to find a financial advisor to partner with on your journey to financial success—congratulations! During your search for a financial advisor, you’ve probably come across the term “fee-only.” This term is usually used to describe registered investment advisors (RIAs), who provide services and planning that, by law, can only be […]

5 Important Things To Consider About Long-Term Care Planning

By Michael Donahoe Taking some risks in life can be exciting, but there are certain things in life you don’t want to gamble with. When it comes to your retirement savings, how you raise your kids, or your health, for example, you want as little risk as possible. Some risks are obvious, but one risk […]

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