Seeking Financial Independence

Retirees and Pre-retirees

Harvest Asset Group has tailored retirement income planning services to help address the risks and complexities associated with lifetime income planning issues. Pre-retirement is a good time to look more closely at whether your current decisions and actions are likely to put you in the best position to meet your lifetime income needs and goals 

Before Retirement

  • – You may want to understand your financial position with more certainty than you have needed in the past.
  • – You may want to know if your nest egg will support your desired standard of living in retirement, or whether adjustments need to be made during your remaining peak earning years.
  • – You may want professional help managing your portfolio as you plan to prepare to transition into retirement and begin spending from your accounts.
  • – You may be seeking objective advice on long term care insurance, and want to better understand the potential impact of those costs on your long-term financial security.
  • – You may have questions regarding employer pensions and optional payout elections.
  • – You may want to understand the timing of your retirement – perhaps considering early retirement.

If You Are Retired Now

  • – Your primary concern is likely to be managing your money to ensure the funds last through a long life expectancy.
  • – You may need professional help managing your portfolio to better protect it from stock market volatility while creating a retirement income stream.
  • – You may seek help consolidating assets from various plans such as 401(k), 403B, 457 plans.
  • – You may want to make sure that you are taking distributions from your investment accounts in a tax efficient manner.
  • – You may want to better understand what level of annual distributions your portfolio can sustain, and how to plan for the impact of inflation over time.
  • – You may have questions regarding other issues such as gifting, charitable giving, and alternative living arrangements.

We have tailored our retirement planning services around the issues unique to those planning for, transitioning to, and living in retirement.

Download the Retirement Checklist and Guide