Physician Resources

As a physician, your financial life can bring more complexity than you want to handle on your own. Demands on your time can make pursuing a “do-it-yourself” financial planning approach difficult and unwise. Finding a professional partner to help can make an important difference for your financial well being and success. A relationship with a professional who brings experience helping physicians, and who will always provide advice in your best interest can be very rewarding. Harvest Asset Group, LLC has extensive experience helping physicians get the organization and direction needed to move forward with confidence. We are committed to our focus on serving the unique needs of physicians. Our combined emphasis on the unique needs of physicians and retirement planning make us a good choice of advisor for physicians at any stage of life.

Valuable Resources for Physicians Nearing or in Retirement:


If you are a Physician or Medical Professional

  • – You may have started earning your full rate of compensation later in life and accumulated student debt during your education and training years.
  • – You may want help with strategies to mitigate income taxes.
  • – You may be interested in the best and most tax advantaged ways to save for goals such as retirement and education.
  • – You may need advice regarding disability and life insurance needs.
  • – As you approach retirement, you may need help with retirement income strategies and long term tax strategies to preserve your nest egg and help protect you from the risks faced by retirees.
  • – Our focus and experience can help you address these and other opportunities unique to with medical professionals.

Download the Retirement Guide for Physicians